Joshua Maylee

The Mid-Missouri Major Case Squad reports the shooting suspect from Callaway County has been apprehended “without incident” near Boonville, in Cooper County.

A massive manhunt began for 23-year-old Joshua William Maylee after three people had been shot to death in rural Callaway County and one person was left wounded. The incident led to a lock-down at University Hospital in Columbia where the wounded person was being treated. Authorities worried the suspect would come to the hospital to finish what he had started.

Authorities also worried that Maylee was looking for more victims. They advised any who might have had an run-in with him to leave the area.

At the Callaway County Sheriff's Dept, investigators inspect a black truck similar to the one police were searching for

Maylee is the suspect in the shooting of 46-year-old Jeffrey Werdehausen of Holts Summit, who died of his wounds, and his wife, 41-year-old Gina Werdehausen, who survived and was taken to University Hospital. Their bodies were found at a scene in the Holts Summit area. The Sheriff’s Department says 58-year-old Eugene Pinet and 57-year-old Jackie Pinet also were found dead in Callaway County. Authorities believe that all the shootings were connected.

Reporters swarm the Callaway County Sheriff's Dept.