T.J. Moe walked the walk against SDSU. Now he's talking the talk. UPI/Bill Greenblatt

After Saturday’s win over the Oklahoma Sooners, I was talking with Missouri Tigers wide receiver T.J. Moe getting his thoughts on the game and he said something that really stuck with me. I’m paraphrasing, but he basically said he was asked questions all week about Missouri not being able to beat Oklahoma and he said “Hey I haven’t played them yet, so I haven’t lost a game to OU.” He still hasn’t

It’s that attitude that has propelled Missouri to just their third ever start of 7-0 and it’s an attitude that should not only catch on with the team, but also the fans. Leading up to the Oklahoma game, I would have conversations with co-workers, people from my kids’ school, over hear guys talking about the Tigers at the gym. They all had the same feelings or questions such as, “I’m not convinced of their defense…I just hope the game isn’t a blow out…it would be nice to win, but I hope we just keep it close.”

This Missouri team is for real. This is no longer the team that plays for moral victories. They’ve answered the skeptics, they’ve proven they can play and win in big games on the big stage. Now, that does not mean that they go into Lincoln and win, but this team is going in with a confidence that they can win and at this point I’m convinced they can win this game and win it convincingly.

There is no need for fear of a letdown. The Tigers know what’s at stake in this game, but from this point on with a 7-0 record, every game is important and a high stakes game. I was also impressed with Moe again this past Monday, when he was asked about the Huskers and he simply said, “Well, I sure don’t like them.” I love the old school, no nonsense answers. None of this “Oh, we respect Nebraska, they’re a good team, blah blah blah.”

T.J. Moe Q & A from Monday

Moe hits it right on the head, this is a fierce rivalry. He knows what’s on the line and I appreciate him telling it like it is. He doesn’t like Nebraska, never has and never will. As you listen to a portion of his Q & A, you’ll quickly hear there is no hangover from the OU win.