Not that anything can be done about it now, but the officials during Missouri State’s 38-35 overtime loss at Indiana State, admitted they missed a call that led to a Sycamore touchdown in the second quarter.

While Bears head coach Terry Allen said the call ultimately didn’t effect the outcome of the game, it was a crucial play in the second quarter. The Bears blocked a punt and an ISU player grabbed the ball out of mid-air at his own 38 and ran it down to the MSU five. ISU scored on the next play to give them the lead at 14-7.

However, the line of scrimmage was the 37 and there is a rule that a ball can’t be advanced by the punting team once it has crossed the line of scrimmage. The officials all thought the ball was brought down behind the line of scrimmage.

Coach Allen received a call from former NFL referee Bill Carollo, who is now the Missouri Valley Conference’s coordinator for officials, notifying him the played was called incorrectly.