The leader of the Missouri GOP likes his party’s chances nationwide in November. But he doesn’t think candidates can go into cruise control just yet.

With some polls showing Republicans could pick up a significant number of seats in the US House and Senate this November, Executive Director of the Missouri Republican Party Llyod Smith says there is one clear obstacle for the party.

“Overconfidence is usually what undermines success, whether you’re running in a political race or you’re running on a track. I would suggest to all of our candidates on the GOP side to run as if they were behind and after they break the tape, they can look over their shoulder and see how far behind the person in second place is,” Smith said.

Smith thinks the party’s voters are mobilized.

“What we’re sensing with our voters is an intensity that even exceeds the Presidential year. The intensity to vote,” Smith said.

Smith thinks the members of his party want to send a message to the Obama administration to show their dissatisfaction with the first two years of his Presidency.

“I think there’s a great deal of optimism that we will fire Nancy Pelosi as Speaker of the House. She’ll still be the Congresswoman from San Francisco and she can represent those folks, but she won’t be the Speaker. The US Senate is a tougher angle, but (if) we pick up 10 seats we would take control of the United States Senate. I think we’re within striking distance there. I certainly think we’re well positioned here in Missouri to preserve this seat in the GOP,” Smith said.

Smith is referring to the US Senate seat that is being vacated by Senator Bond. Republican Congressman Roy Blunt is facing Democrat Secretary of State Robin Carnahan in that race.

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