The Kansas Chiefs’ Tamba Hali was selected the AFC Defensive Player of the Week after he sacked Alex Smith three times in the Chiefs’ 31-10 win over San Fran. Hali also hurried Smith three other times and finished with four total tackles, broke up a pass and forced a fourth-quarter fumble by Smith.

Offensive coordinator Charlie Weis missed Wednesday’s practice as he continues to recover from gall bladder surgery from Monday.

Defensive lineman Shaun Smith was accused for the second week in a row of grabbing an opponent’s crotch. Smith was first accused by a Cleveland offensive lineman and this past week against the 49ers, the accusations were flying again.

This time there is some video which is grainy and you can’t tell if Smith is grabbing or doing anything, but judging from the reaction of the 49er lineman, Smith must be doing something.