Senator McCaskill thinks it’s time somebody else was in charge of America’s most important cemetery.      

The discovery that some veterans had not been buried properly or that their graves had been mismarked at Arlington National Cemetery has led to the ouster of the people in charge at Arlington. 

McCaskill is behind legislation taking supervision of the cemetery away from the Army and giving it to the Veterans Administration. She would leave the Army in charge of honor ceremonies and in some of the important other traditions there.  But she thinks the day to day supervision should be moved to the V-A.

McCaskill, a member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, says there still does not appear to be a definite understanding of how widespread the problems are.   She has had her first meeting with the woman who is the new superintendent to see if she has been able to determine the scope of the issue. 

 Sen. McCaskill & Bob Priddy from yesterday’s conference call 4:00 mp3