Gary Pinkel leads the Tigers out onto the field before the Miami-Ohio game. UPI/Bill Greenblatt

With just a little over ten minutes to play in Saturday’s game against Miami-Ohio and the Missouri Tigers already up 51-6, Gary Pinkel was playing many second and third string players and the backups had just put together a six play, 81 yard drive moments before.

On Miami-Ohio’s next possession, they had to punt, and the Tigers took over at their own 40. After a 19 yard pass completion by Franklin to Gahn McGaffie and a 30 yard run by Marcus Murphy, Mizzou had the ball first and ten at the Redhawks 11 yard line. Pinkel proceeded to call four quarterback sneaks up the middle as the Tigers turned the ball over on downs at the two. It was at this point I heard fellow members of the media remarking that this was more humiliating to Miami-Ohio than if the Tigers would have just scored. I heard others ask what was the point of not trying to score?

I have to agree with Pinkel, because I would counter the argument of what’s the point in not trying to score from inside the ten with the same question, what is the point? Make the backups feel better? Pad your score for the national polls?

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Where I do disagree with Pinkel and where most of the media should be questioning motives is why was Blaine Gabbert at quarterback with 3:09 left to play in the third quarter, throwing two more pass attempts in a 44-3 game? In my opinion, Franklin should have been inserted into the game when there was 8:21 to play in the third quarter with a 37-3 and the Tigers taking over after a Miami turnover giving Mizzou the ball at the Redhawks’ 13 yard line.