The use of federal stimulus money for a Warrensburg film festival has become part of the discussion of a constitutionality of a bill Governor Nixon has vetoed.

House Republicans have come up  short of the number needed to override the veto of 1a bill putting federal stimulus money distribution under legislative control.  Now it’s handled through the executive branch. 

The situation seems odd to Representative J. C. Kuessner of Eminence who recalls when house budget Chairman Allen Icet of Wildwood opposed state acceptance of the federal money to begin with.

Kuessner & Icet :29 mp3

 Democrats say the system is working well as-is and the bill is not needed–and certainly isn’t needed with a separate unconstitutional provision.

But House budget chairman Allen Icet says a film festival financed with $100,000 of stimulus money funneled through the Social Services Department makes no sense.

  Icet comments :10 mp3

But Democrats like Jeff Roorda of Barnhart says the department is recalling that money…

Roorda :09 mp3                                       

Republicans argue the provision the governor says is unconstitutional is a moot issue because no money will go into that fund.  Democrats say that does not excuse overriding a veto to pass a law with an unconstitutional provision in it.

The veto override needed 109 votes. It got 85.