It appears state legislators will only consider overriding one of the Governor’s vetoes from this year at its annual veto session Wednesday.

That’s House Bill 1903, which would have given legislative committees control over the distribution of federal stimulus and potential Race to the Top dollars, instead of the executive branch. Governor Nixon says the system in place already meets the goals of transparency and accountability.

“I communicated in the message to the legislature that I felt once we had signed Senate Bill 313 back in ’09 that we had a system of accounting, a system that has worked well. A system that has provided transparency and we didn’t feel that a repetitive action by adding more pages to the law books was necessary here. I think that message, I feel very comfortable with that message for Missourians,” Nixon said.

If opponents fail to get enough votes to override the Governor’s veto, the executive branch will retain control of the distribution of federal stimulus dollars.