It seems to be a contradiction.  More Missourians are working. But the jobless rate has gone up. 

Add up job gains in education with the early opening of schools, private educational services, and accommodations and food services.  Subtract losses in federal employment–namely the layoffs of temporary census workers–and administrative and support services.  The result is a net gain of 3600 jobs. 

But the unemployment rate has gone to 9.3 percent , a tenth of a percent higher than the July figure.

Economic Development spokesman John Fougere says this is the 15th straight month with unemployment above nine percent. .

The rate has gone up because the improving job market is drawing people who have quit looking back into the job market–and the rate is based on the number of people actively searching for jobs, not total unemployment.

Bob Priddy and John Fougere talk jobs 7:53 mp3