Week seven of the 2009 season for the Chiefs may have been the low water mark, when the Chargers came into Arrowhead and humilated the Chiefs in a 37-7 final. In that game, Matt Cassel went 10 for 25 for 97 yards with three interceptions against his one TD. That game is still fresh in everyone’s mind heading into the season opener on Monday night.

When coach Todd Haley was asked if he wants Cassel to remember that game, Haley said it’s what they remember and take from the game that is important. “I think the only thing I want him remembering is those are games that are part of our scouting report, so-to-speak, so we’ve been seeing those games going back any off-season work we’ve done on our division opponents and we’ve continued to see them this week.” said Haley. “Matt Cassel is making progress. He’s focused on the task at hand. I think this falls into get yourself ready to play your best game, that’s for this game, the next game and the game after and that’s what he’s doing. I’ll say this pretty firmly, I know he’s not worrying about that aspect of it other than how he can get better.”

Cassel meanwhile says he shrugs off the criticism of the fans and believes winning can take care of much of that. He’s not putting too much emphasis into the game being on Monday night, but he knows this is a good measuring stick for this team. “They are the division champs and they have a great defense. It is going to be a great challenge for us.”