Sen. Bond speaks at the National Biodiesel Board in Jefferson City

Senator Bond reflected on a lifetime of public service upon receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award from the National Biodiesel Board.

The board honored Bond at its Jefferson City headquarters, presenting him with the award and planting a chestnut tree in his honor. Bond grows chestnut trees on his land in Mexico, Missouri.

Bond told the audience that he viewed his job in Washington as one that secured federal funding for good local ideas in which local leaders were willing to invest. He said that it was important to bring Missouri ideas to Washington rather than the other way around.

During his speech, Bond recalled the skepticism 15 years ago that greeted suggestions that bio-diesel could be brought to the marketplace. He said hard work by the industry, combined with research from the University of Missouri made the alternative fuel viable. Bond added that such alternative fuels, which pollute less and reduce the nation’s dependence on foreign oil, are needed now more than ever.

Bond promised to continue the fight to restore a tax credit that has set back bio-diesel production back. The expiration of the tax credit has hurt the economic vitality of some bio-diesel plants and has caused some to cease production.

Children help Sen. Bond plant chestnut tree

AUDIO: Sen. Bond speech to the National Biodiesel Board [15 min MP3]