McDonald County authorities want to know why two inmates broke out of jail, then tried to sneak back inside a couple of hours later.  Did they go on a beer run? 

“That’s what we’re looking for now, that kind of activity when they got out. But we’re still piecing that information together,” Sheriff Robert Evenson said.

Police say a vehicle was stolen from the Pineville area about the same time as the break out.  The men broke out of jail by making a hole in the ceiling, then knocking out an outside wall.

“The strange part of this story is that they came back and snuck back into the jail the same way they went out. So you just don’t hear about that happening very often,” Evenson said.

The sheriff says Justin Forcum and Eric Bishop face escape charges. The damage to the jail ceiling has been repaired.

(Jason Rima, KTTS, contributed to this report.)