Colby Rasmus scores a run earlier in the season. UPI/Bill Greenblatt

The strain of a long season is starting to take its toll on the Cardinals’ clubhouse. Following Sunday’s 4-2 win over the Reds, the Cardinals were forced to answer questions regarding an article that ran in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch saying that starting centerfielder Colby Rasmus asked GM John Mozeliak for a trade.

After the game on Sunday, Rasmus denied that the conversation ever took place between he and Moe. “I never did that.”

Colby Rasmus questioned by reporters on Sunday

However, that wasn’t exactly the same story that manager Tony LaRussa was giving. When asked if Rasmus requested a trade, LaRussa said “you’d have to ask Moe, but he didn’t ask me for a trade.”

Tony LaRussa comments on the Rasmus rumors

According to the article from Joe Strauss, the whole falling out between LaRussa and Rasmus started back on July 24th when the two had a heated exchange in LaRussa’s office at Wrigley Field after Rasmus and some of the players were late getting to a game because buses were delayed because of flooding.

Strauss confirmed through sources that LaRussa got on Rasmus and even threatened to send him to AAA Memphis. It was at that time when Rasmus went to Mozeliak and complained. Mozeliak said he was aware of the situation, but was never asked by Rasmus to be traded.

Back to Sunday, when Albert Pujols found out from a couple of veterans about Rasmus’ unhappiness with the club, Pujols was quick to say that the second year player’s reaction was a sign of disrespect to his teammates for airing his dirty laundry in the media and now through the club.

Albert Pujols reacts to Colby Rasmus’ trade request