The state has  a new tool to help people make sure the car they buy is as good as the dealer says it is. 

Missouri has become the 38th state to gain access to a federal database that lets car and truck buyers verify the correct title history of the vehicle.  The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System tracks past titles, odometer readings, junk and salvage reporting of vehicles and insurance reporting of vehicles including total loss information.

Revenue Department spokesman Ted Farnen says the system is kind of like CARFAX–except the information costs only $4.95, qui8te a bit less than CARFAX.  Of course it doesn’t give as much information as the private company, such as whether the car came from a rental company or was a fleet car, whether the airbags deployed—those things and others are not part of the Title Information System.

Farnen says the system is an important tool against fraud. Most other states are in the process of joining the program. Illinois and the District of Columbia have refused to take part.

 Ted Farnan talks to Bob Priddy 11:02 mp3