The biggest question surrounding the Missouri Tigers on Saturday is how good will their offense be in the season opener against Illinois? The Tigers are without their top running back from the last two season in Derrick Washington and their top receiver Jerrell Jackson was doubtful for this game when he first suffered his broken wrist.

However, after having a pin inserted in his wrist and with the use of a cast, Jackson will be on the field this Saturday. Jackson will line up on the outside, a position he was used to playing in high school down in Houston, Texas, but in his time at Mizzou, has been the slot receiver or what they call the “H” receiver. Jackson will line up wide in the “X” position opposite Wed Kemp, the “Z” receiver.

Here’s my one on one interview with Jackson and I asked him point blank, how can he catch with a cast on his one hand?

Jerrell Jackson interview with Bill Pollock (2:30 mp3)