The State Supreme Court has disbarred the former Chariton County Prosecutor.

The Court says Renae Ehler violated five ethics rules between 2007 and 2009, including using money she owed to clients to pay personal expenses. Ehler was asked to resign as the County’s prosecutor amid the allegations April, and she did so in early May.

Bryan Schneider, an attorney from the Rolla area, will serve the rest of her term, which goes through the end of the year.

 Court records say Ehler was previously placed on probation for two years after a six month suspension was stayed in October 2005. The Court says Ehler was punished for “violations of the rules of professional conduct that were of the same nature as her current violations,” and that some of the current violations occurred while she was still on probation.

Follow this link to see the complete court ruling.

The decision ends with the statements that “Under a progressive disciplinary scheme, Ms. Ehler’s inability to improve her legal practice, her now habitual acts of professional misconduct, and the severity of those acts warrant disbarment. To protect the public and restore integrity to the profession, Ms. Ehler is disbarred.”