Missouri farmers hurt by flooding this spring might be able to get some assistance from the federal government. Federal officials have declared much of Missouri a natural disaster area.

State Farm Service Agency Director Eddie Hamill says, officially, 55 counties have been included in the declaration.

“The declaration covers 55 primary counties and when one of these designations is made it also includes contiguous counties,” according to Hamill. “So, we actually have 95 counties covered under this designation.”

Missouri has 114 counties. The declaration is for losses caused by excessive rainfall, flash flooding, flooding and high winds between February 1st and July 15th.

Flooding prevented many farmers in south-central to northern Missouri from planting corn and soybeans on time. Some fields were never planted. Heavy rains ruined some potentially big winter wheat harvests.

Hamill says farmers adjusted the best they could to get a crop in the ground.

“There will be some decent crops out there, but when guys get to the field, they’re going to find some areas that are probably going to be a little disappointing,” Hamill says.

The disaster declaration makes Missouri farmers in the affected counties eligible for emergency loans to offset crop and structure losses as well as supplemental payments to help farmers next year.

Farmers interested in more information should visit their local Farm Service Agency office.

AUDIO: Brent Martin reports [:60 MP3]