I just read this off ESPN, that a new NCAA report shows that just 14 of the 120 that make up the Football Bowl Subdivision showed a profit in 2009. Missouri is one of those schools. Back in 2008, there were only 25 schools that turned a profit.

According to the story, the research was done by accounting professor Dan Fulks of Transylvania University, in Lexington, Ky. While the NCAA doesn’t release school’s finances, Fulks told ESPN that Alabama, Florida, Ohio State, Texas and Tennessee were also among the 14 schools.

As far as Missouri, it was reported that they generated $2 million in straight profit from the athletics program. The article goes on to say, what most of us already know, and that is most schools can turn a profit from football and men’s basketball, but once schools start financing their other sports programs, that’s where the deficit comes in with the lack of bowl payouts and television deals.

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