A Jackson woman who lost a lawsuit three years ago with Wal-Mart has died.  Deborah Shank, 55, passed away Tuesday in Cape. 

She received national publicity in 2007 after Walmart’s employee health insurance plan sued her in federal court. The ruling stated that money Shank was awarded following a 2000 collision with a tractor trailer must be used to repay insurance costs for medical bills accumulated after the accident.

She received $1 million from a trucking company following the accident, which left her with permanent brain damage. Wal-Mart later allowed the Shanks to keep the money for her medical care. In 2006, Shank also lost her 18-year-old son Jeremy, who was killed in combat in Iraq.

She’s to be buried at Russell Heights Cemetery in Jackson.

–Todd Bonacki, KZIM, contributed to this report