Chiefs head coach Todd Haley was hush-hush, so was the entire Chiefs organization as to why offensive coordinator Charlie Weis was wearing a brace and walking with a cane and being carted around the Chiefs’ practice fields. Monday, the injury finally came out.

Weis spoke to the media for the first time about the injury saying about two weeks ago, his left knee went out and a piece of his knee broke off. Weis says he will have surgery on it after the season. Meanwhile, its time to get the offense up and running and in shape.

Charlie Weis’ comments

Weis said one of the first things he did was study tape of quarterback Matt Cassel taking snaps from last season and noticed flaws. Now, he’s working on correcting those mistakes. As far as how much Cassel plays in Friday’s first preseason game against Atlanta is still up in the air.

The offense didn’t look too hot yesterday. All three QBs struggled. Cassel missed his fullback on a wide open pass, and third stringer Tyler Palko threw an ugly interception. Receivers were dropping passes, slipping and falling. It just wasn’t a great day for the offense.

One positive for the offense was the return of offensive guard Brian Waters who was with the first string offense for the first time since coming back from an undisclosed leg injury.

Brian Waters post practice comments