Congressman Ike Skelton agrees with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s judgment that the Taliban is likely responsible for the massacre of a group of aid workers in Afghanistan.

“I don’t think there’s any question about who did this to them. They took credit for it, and the horror in the way they did it obviously reflects the Taliban mentality,” Skelton said.

In all, 10 people were killed in the Massacre, six of them Americans. They were members of a Christian Aid group called the International Assistance Mission and were providing eye care to people in Afghanistan. They were killed in a forest, and it’s believed they were led out there after being stopped on a remote road.

“These people meant very well, they were there to help the Afghan people, they weren’t there to do any harm to anyone,” Skelton said.

Skelton, as the Chair of the House Armed Services committee, says the aid group has had a presence in Afghanistan for decades, long before the U.S.’s was began there.

“They had no protection and as far as I know, they asked for no protection. They seemed to know many of the people in those local areas. Of course it was horrible what the Taliban did to them but it gives you an idea of what the Taliban’s like,” Skelton said.

The Taliban and a different Islamic group have both taken credit for the attack, and there’s some doubt over who is really responsible. The Taliban says they did it because the members of the aid group were carrying bibles written in the local language. The director of the aid group says that’s not true. Some other reports say it looks more like a robbery, since many of the belongings of the members of the group were ransacked.

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