Police continue an all-out search for four heavily armed suspects who struck a midtown supplier of cash for local ATM’s with a well-planned high-stakes heist in St. Louis. 

The suspects took an undetermined haul of cash at 5:30 Monday morning from the ATM Solutions building not far from the Fox Theatre. Police Captain Michael Caruso says the most they know about the appearance of the suspects was their firepower.

“According to the guards, all four of them were armed, two of them with automatic pistols, one with a rifle. The fourth member, some type of weapon, he wasn’t real definitive on the description, but all four of them were armed,” Caruso said.

Those firearms include an Uzi, an AR15 assault rifle, and two .45-caliber semiautomatic handguns.  They were able to overpower two armed guards, snatching their weapons and duct taping them inside a vault housing the money. The suspects then took the cash and got away in an ATM Solution company van with the money inside. The armored van was found not far away, on Evans near Page and Martin Luther King Drive, with its windows smashed.

“It was carefully planned; they knew what they were doing. They didn’t appear to have any intent to harm anybody which is an important key here,” Caruso said.

Caruso would not say if police think this was an inside job. The FBI is working with the city’s intelligence unit and is reviewing parking lot surveillance tapes.

KTRS contributed to this report.