Voters at today’s polls will decide whether they want to opt out of the federal healthcare plan.

Sen. Jane Cunningham (R), of West St. Louis County, sponsored the bill this last legislative session, which will appear on today’s ballot as Proposition C.

Cunningham points out that if Proposition C is enacted, Missourians can still opt into the Federal Healtcare Plan … she says this simply gives Missourians a choice.

Cunningham admits that if voters approve Prop C, it will set up a conflict with federal law. She says if it passes, the result could be a lawsuit from an individual in Missouri who gets penalized and has therefore has standing in court. Or, she says a lawsuit could come from the Attorney General who is authorized to defend Missourians, or one could come from the Federal Goverment against Missouri.

Proponents of the measure are hoping passage of the measure would send a clear message to Washington that Americans don’t approve of a government run healthcare system.

Jessica Machetta reports [Download / listen Mp3, 1:27 min.]