The Lake of the Ozarks 25 years from now becomes the focus of a special symposium in a couple of weeks. It’s not just the e-coli issue that has generated news for the last few years that is a concern for those organizing the symposium. The biggest issue is a lake that is being “loved to death” by the development of resorts and housing and the heavy use by boaters and the environmental challenges that come with those things.

Attorney General Chris Koste, who is organizing the symposium at the Lake on the 17th and 18th wants to separate the politics from the science and from the policy to get at the issues that will challenge the Lake for the next quarter century.

He says a short term goal is to determine where the e-coli is coming from and whether’s it’s human or animal waste. A longterm issue is whether there should be a regional sewer system and how it will be paid for. He doesn’t know that growth should be limited or retarded. But he says it will need to handled differently.

Koster subtitles the symposium “An Environmental Road Map for the Future.”

Chris Koster talks to Bob Priddy 8:04 mp3