Five of the 140 crew members of the new USS Missouri are from the boat’s namesake state.  Fire Control Technician Ryan Thruston is one of those five.   He’s been in the Navy since graduating from high school in Jefferson City eight years ago and deciding to get outside Missouri and “try something different.” 
He says he volunteered for submarines because submarine crews are small communities, “more like a family.”  He’s been in submarines since joining the Navy eight years ago. He says it’s one of the best choices he’s ever made.
He describes the Missouri as “way more advanced” than his previous submarine. His longest stint underwater with his previous sub was 62 days.
He says he and his fellow Fire Control Technicians help the crew keep track of what’s on the surface, helps the ship navigate, and helps shoot the weapons if necessary.

The other four Missourians on the crew are: Electronics Technician 1st Class John Tyhurst of Joplin, Sonar Technician Seaman Benjamin A. Bowers, Green Ridge, Lt. P:atrick Donovan, Springfield, and Machinists Mate 2nd Class Nicholas Koblick,  St. Louis.

We talked with Thruston last December after the christening ceremony in Groton.  We were joined int he interview by reorter Kermit Miller of KRCG-TV, Jefferson City, whose voice you also will hear. At the time, the final fitting-out of the submarine was underway.  The Missouri made its first sea trials a few weeks ago. The commission ceremony, which is today, is the formal transfer of the ship to the U. S. Navy.     Interview in December with Ryan Thruston 5:22 mp3