Members of the 4175th receive commission from Adj. Gen. Steve Danner

Members of the 4175th receive commission from Adj. Gen. Steve Danner

A full deployment ceremony has been held at the Missouri National Guard headquarters in Jefferson City for four men heading for Iraq.

The posting of the colors, the singing of the National Anthem by Lt. Colonel Regina Kilmer and speeches send the remaining members of the 4175th Criminal Investigation Division based in Fulton to their mission. They will join six members who deployed to Iraq in May.

Governor Nixon, recently returned from Iraq, delivers a message from the six members there.

“It was wonderful to have the opportunity to sit down with your compatriots who want you to get there and get there quick,” Nixon tells the group. “The message they told me to give you when I saw you today, and they knew I would, was to get there soon there’s plenty of work to be done, plenty of work to be done and the professionalism you’re going to bring to it is vital.”

Adjutant General Steve Danner bids good-bye as well.

“I have no doubt that you are up to that task and you will do that task well,” Danner says in his address to the group. “And I know firsthand your brothers who are over there can’t wait for you to join them so that they can have the benefit of your assistance.”

A benediction sung by Chaplain Llewellyn McGhee, the official commissioning, and then leaving Jefferson City for Iraq.

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