The state transportation department road condition map shows more than twenty roads closed in northeast Missouri because of flooding after the latest round of storms moved through north Missouri overnight.  .

The department regularly updates the map on its Web site.  

Some of the winds in last night’s storms hit 70 miles an hour in Jackson County and blew a 12-inch diameter tree onto a house and knocked down a 24-inch diameter tree in the Pettis County town of Green Ridge, taking power lines down with it.

Winds blew hard enough to topple a radio tower onto a fire station building in Eldridge, in LaClede County. 

Northeast Missouri is hoping for clear skies after a drenching start to the week.  Before last night’s storms, one reporting station in northeast Missouri’s Shelby County had poured 9.4 inches of water out of the rain gauge in three days.  In nearby Ralls County, another reporting station had 5.6 inches of rain in one day.  Another in Pike County had 4.4 inches in 24 hours.