A new conservative group has emerged in Missouri. While the group might be new, the person behind it is familiar.

Former State Representative Carl Bearden has left Americans for Prosperity to head United for Missouri. Bearden, a Republican, says there are actually two groups: United for Missouri and United for Missouri’s Future. He calls them grassroots organizations, which will seek to give average Missourians a voice.

“We know that people are hungry for this. We know that they’re ready to be activated,” Bearden says. “So what we want to do is educate them. And that’s what United for Missouri’s Future is about. And then we want to activate them and that’s what United for Missouri does.”

The group has formed just in time to campaign for Proposition C, the ballot issue which seeks to exempt Missourians from requirements to buy health insurance imposed by the new federal health care law.

Bearden says United for Missouri will concentrate on state and local issues and will seek to collaborate with other groups.

“You know there’s no one group that can do everything, but working together we’re much stronger,” according to Bearden.

Bearden says the group advocates for transparency in government. It advocates for all levels of government to put all expenditures on-line so the public can keep track of spending.

AUDIO: Brent Martin reports [:60 MP3]