As if you needed further evidence that former Chiefs running back Larry Johnson is an idiot. The current Redskins back was in a Kansas City court for not completing his required community service. What until you hear why!

He had guilty pleas for those two night club incidents involving women last year, so he was given 40 hours of community service to play sports with at a Kansas City Police Athletic League. He didn’t want to do that. Instead he wanted to hold art classes.

When kids had more interest in pitchers instead of pictures, Johnson only received nine hours of credit. So, according to the Kansas City Star, Judge Joseph Locascio told LJ, “If I knew you didn’t want to do sports with kids, I would have assigned you to pick up trash on the highway…that’s what we have defendants typically do…The idea that you would draw pictures with kids who want to participate in athletics is absurd.”

Johnson who signed with the Redskins has until next March to finish his community service in DC.