The Highway Patrol has launched a campaign to discourage motorists of all ages not to DWT, even though it’s only illegal for people younger than 21.

Cell phones are bad enough at distracting drivers. An increasing concern to traffic safety officers and organizations is people who don’t just talk—they type….on little bitty keys.

Highway Patrol Superintendent Ronald Replogle says the patrol does not keep records of the crashes caused by texting while driving. But he says in attention is the number one cause of traffic crashes in Missouri—and cell phone usage and texting are major distractions.

He thinks Missouri’s law that bans Driving While Texting for people younger than 21 needs to be changed to apply to all ages—because texters don’t stay younger than 21 forever.

The legislature refused to eliminate the age restriction this year. Replogle is sure another effort will be made in 20-11.

BP talks to Col. Replogle. 3:26 mp3