The Missouri couple accused of kidnapping a boy from his home in Miller County has waived extradition from Phoenix, Arizona to Gallup New Mexico. They’ll be sent to Missouri after being arraigned in Gallup early next week. .

Mark Cochran and Elizabeth Denman face 23 charges stemming from the police chase in western New Mexico last Monday morning. One of the charges is attempted murder, the result of at leant one shot that was fired at the State Police car chasing them. New Mexico State Police Lt. Eric Garcia says the lead FBI agent in the case has talked with the pair in Phoenix. Garcia says they have admitted to the FBI what they did.

The pair eventually will be extradited to Miller County to face charges that they took four-year old Devon Denhman from his father’s home at gunpoint last Saturday. Extradition proceedings have not begun in Missouri yet, however. Denman is the boy’s mother. The boy’s father had gotten court custody of him the week before the kidnapping.

The boy, who had his fifth birthday last Sunday, was found in the back seat of the car Cochran and Denman are charged with abandoning after spike strips flattened the tires. He has since been reunited with his father and returned to Missouri.

The federal government will file kidnapping charges because the crime crosses state lines.

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