The state senator who tied up the senate for more than 20 hours this week thinks he’s done some good although he appeared to change no minds on the bill and did not keep it from passing.

Senator Chuck Purgason of Caulfield says he has a pretty good work ethic and was in good physical shape as he fought a futile battle against the automobile industry tax incentive bill. He says he could have gone on longer than the 20 hours and 25 minutes in his filibuster

Purgason says it’s against Republican principles to give one big business preference over all of the small businesses when it comes to tax creaks. He hopes his filibuster helps the Republicans get back to their founding free market principles.

Republicans voted 13-6 to pass the bill. Democrats voted 7-1 in favor. Five Republicans and two democrats were absent. Purgason says his effort will let the public see how senators voted—which would have happened without his 20 hour filibuster anyway.

Purgason interview 4:37 mp3