Five-year old Devon Denman has been found, safe, by the New Mexico jState Police after a 100-mile an hour chase in western New Mexico.

Denman was taken from his father’s Miller County home on Saturday, at gunpoint. The sheriff says the boy’s mother and her boyfriend are the ones who took him a day before his birthday. Reports indicate the father had received a court order granting him custody of the child last week.

State criminal records indicate the mother, Elizabeth Denman, was convicted of a drug charge in 2005. The man identified as her boyfriend, Mark Cochran, has a 1998 conviction from Montana for committting incest with a 14-year old girl.

New Mexico State Police Lieutenant Eric Garcia says the boy was found in a stolen car that was abandoned after as high-speed chase on Interstate 40 in the Gallup/Grants NM area. The chase ended with when other state police officers put out tire strips that flattened the car’s tires.

The man and woman believed to be Denman and Cochran fled on foot and are the object of a widespread search in a large rural area of western New Mexico.

Lt. Garcia talks to Bob Priddy