The St. Louis Rams are having a “Name the Rams Mascot” contest that runs until the 18th. There is a chance to win a suite for 15, a $200 gift card and more prizes. I always get aggravated with these contests.

We’ve all done this, when a friend has a baby and they tell you the name and you think “how did you come up with that?” That’s how I am with Mascot names. So, I hope the Rams at least pick a good one.

Here are the choices among us at the Missourinet:

1. Ramsey

2. Ralph

3. Ramrod

4. Ram-a-lam-a-ding-dong

5. Lou (as is St. Louis)

6. Big Horn Bobby

7. Tuffy

8. Rambeau as in RAMBO to celebrate the French Heritage.