The number of workers compensation complaints sent to the Attorney General is up 84 percent in the first half of the calendar year.

Most employers have to have worker’s compensation. And they have to report any job-related injury that results in lost time. Last year the state labor department learned of almost 27-hundred work-related injuries that employers had not reported. This year’s number is in line to match that number.

Labor Director Larry Rebman says 100 cases had been referred to the Attorney General at this time last year. This year Rebman has referred 184 casts. He thinks many employers are cutting corners in tough economic times by dropping workers compensation insurance.

The state labor department is starting some new efforts to emphasize the requirement that companies carry workers comp insurance and report incidents. One part of the department website lets workers see if their companies carry that coverage. The website also makes it easier for employers and the public to report illegal conduct.

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