The Ford bill is ready for the Senate to pass but a final approval in the legislature might have to wait until next week.

The proposal goign to the full Senate allows Ford to keep about 100-million dollars worth of withholding taxes and plow that money into retooling the Claycomo plant to keep it in full production after the SUV line shuts down next year.

State officials, some legislators and some union leaders have gotten indications from Ford that it will put a new line of vehicles in Claycomo if the state provides the tax incentives. But State Economic Development Director David Kerr says Ford has not guaranteed anything. He says the failure of the legislature to pass the bill in May has increased the stakes because other states have begun offering big bucks to Ford. Kerr says Ford expects to make a decision in 90 to 120 days about the future of the Claycomo plant.

The House sponsor of the bill says there is no “next year” as far as the Claycomo retooling. He says Missouri will not be competitive and about 15,000 jobs at Claycomo and at parts plants in 113 of Missouri’s 114 counties could be at risk if the legislature does not pass the bill.

Committee hearing excerpt with David Kerr & Sens. Goodman, Callahan, Lembke & Schmitt