General Stanley McChrystal has resigned from his post as the top NATO and U.S. Commander in Afghanistan, following a Rolling Stone article in which he made disparaging remarks about the Obama Administration. General David Petraeus has been nominated as McChrystal’s replacement.

As Chair of the House Armed Services Committee, Missouri Congressman Ike Skelton says this decision was really about confidence in the leader in Afghanistan. So does Skelton think this is in the best interest of the United States?

“No question about it. General Petraeus is the best there is. He’s a very, very fine leader, bright as a tack, works well with the troops. They’re very fond of him and they’ll work for him. They’ll do good work for him,” Skelton said.

Skelton believes the President when he says that this is just a change in personnel, not a change in the mission. Skelton says he has read the Rolling Stone article in question.

“I read it, and it still was apparent to me from where I sit as Chairman of the Armed Services Committee, that the most important thing is success in Afghanistan. That mission in important and if it cannot be carried out with the full confidence in someone who the President felt had poor judgment in making comments like that, he did the right thing,” Skelton said.

Petraeus was in Missouri at the Truman Library on Tuesday, and Skelton says despite a long conversation with him at the event, it did not appear the General was even aware of what might unfold during McChrystal’s meeting with President Obama Wednesday. Skelton says he’s proud of Petraeus for stepping in to fill the gap.

“Actually it’s a step down from the position he has no and it’s a measure of the man for him to do this because it is imperative for him to do this because it is imperative that we have success in Afghanistan and General Petraeus is the best there is,”

Skelton doesn’t think this will have a negative impact on the morale of the troops in Afghanistan.

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