Governor Nixon has called the legislature into special session a little earlier than he thought he would. But he says legisaltive leaders suggested this as the time to take up pension reform and an automotive industry economic devleopment bill.

“We jhave kept them in the loop on this and it was the legislative leaders that felt like we should move ahead a little quicker than what I thought.. I certainly think it’s a good sign when a bipartisan group of Democrats and Republicans ‘le’ts go ahead and get this done,'” he says.

He wants lawmakers to pass a bill giving some tax incentives to Ford to keep its Claycomo plant at full production..and to finance the program by changing the amount the state contributes to future state employees’ pensions. Nixon and other supporters say state help in keeping the Claycomo plant at full operation will save thousands of jobs at smaller companies scattered throughout Missouri making parts for that plant.

The special session begins Thursday noon. Leaders hope to send the bills to the Governor in a week.

Nixon discusses early call