Democratic Senate candidate Robin Carnahan is pushing a three-step financial reform measure to avoid the economic meltdown of late 2008 that triggered the deep recession.

Carnahan has been traveling the state, promoting the plan. During a stop in Jefferson City, Carnahan outlined her three steps. Carnahan first says that bailouts must end so that taxpayer money is protected. Carnahan is critical of the measure approved by Congress in late 2008 that supporters say prevented a collapse of the international financial system. The problems that rippled through the world’s financial system triggered a deep, global recession.

Carnahan’s second step would shift the focus of Washington away from big business to small businesses, which she says are important to creating the jobs needed to help the country emerge from the recession. She advocates tax breaks and other incentives to small businesses that will hire the unemployed.

The third step in Carnahan’s plan takes aim at big business. Carnahan claims that corporate special interests run Congress. She says that the millions spent by big business during the political campaign benefits them greatly when the campaign ends and Congress is in session.

Carnahan, the Secratary of State,  is running for the seat Senator Bond, a Republican, is leaving. Southwest Missouri Congressman Roy Blunt will be her likely opponent in November, but Blunt must hold off a challenge within his party. State Senator Church Purgason of Caulfield is running against Blunt in the Republican primary.

You can listen to Carnahan’s remarks at a Jefferson City stop. One caution: the electronic system being used cut out from time to time.

AUDIO: Democratic Senate candidate Robin Carnahan outlines financial reform proposal [15 min MP3]