Missouri’s school buses get strong passing grades in this year’s inspections.

School buses are inspected twice a year, once in the Spring by the Highway Patrol and then just before school starts in July and August. This year, more than 84 percent of those buses passed and about 13 percent had some minor defects that required repairs but did not require the buses to be taken out of service.

Highway Patrol Captain Tim Hull says only about three percent had to be parked for major repairs.

Defects have to be fixed and buses reinspected before they’re allowed back on the roads. School districts have ten days after the first inspection to make repairs before reinspection can be done.

Hull says buses are in pretty good shape, overall, considering some of the roads they have to travel and some of the conditions they have to go through.

Bob Priddy talks to Capt. Tim Hull 5:37 mp3