One of the reasons Missouri’s name came up as a candidate for moving to the Big Ten was because of the bias toward Texas schools and the amount of money Texas and Oklahoma were generating from the Big 12’s television deal. Well, TV money was the key component in keeping Texas in the Big 12 and keeping the conference alive. The deal that was cut for Texas by Commissioner Dan Beebe will allow Texas to form their own TV network which will generate $3-$5 million, plus based on a TV deal in the works, Texas, along with Oklahoma and A & M stand to make between $20-$25 million per year while school like Missouri will likely get somewhere between $14-$17 million. In the most recent data of 2007, Texas made just over $10 million while Baylor was last at just over $7 million. Now that gap between the top and bottom will be even greater.

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2007 revenue numbers for the Big 12

1. Texas: $10.2 million

2. Oklahoma: $9.8 million

3. Kansas: $9.24 million

4. Texas A&M: $9.22 million

5. Nebraska: $9.1 million

6. Missouri: $8.4 million

7. Texas Tech: $8.23 million

8. Kansas State: $8.21 million

9. Oklahoma State: $8.1 million

10. Colorado: $8.0 million

11. Iowa State: $7.4 million

12. Baylor: $7.1 million

So what does this mean for the conference moving forward in terms of football and basketball. First, do the other Big 12 schools want to split their TV revenue with two other schools? If the NCAA doesn’t relax its mandate that a conference needs at least 12 teams for a championship game, then expect the Big 12 to look to add. If the NCAA allows a conference like the Big 12 to hold a championship game then expect the Big 12 to stay to 10. They can split the league into two divisions of five, moving Oklahoma to the north. Or keep it one big conference and play each team once giving Missouri nine conference games.

The Big 12 basketball schedule will most likely move from 16 to 18 games which could help RPI rankings by eliminating two cupcake teams from the non-conference schedule or would a rivalry like Illinois go away?

The Big 12 basketball tournament will stay at the Sprint Center through 2014 and the women’s at Municipal Auditorium.