So let me see if I have this straight? Colorado accepts an invite to the Pac 10 yesterday, Nebraska is expected to announce today they are moving to the Big Ten. So after today, the Pac 10 could have 11 schools, the Big Ten could have 12 and the Big 12 could have 10. WHAT?

Many people following the realignment of college athletic conferences expected Nebraska, maybe even Texas to be the first school in the Big 12 to make a move, but Colorado made the surprise announcement yesterday that they were joining the Pac 10.

I’m hearing two different scenarios from what I’ve read and heard from different media outlets. The one side of the story is that it is now just a matter of time and which school will come next in terms of the next in a line of Big 12 schools to make the jump to the Pac 10. Texas, Texas A & M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State have all come up in recent rumors as being targeted by the Pac 10 to creat a 16 team “super conference.”

Pac 10 Commissioner hasn’t confirmed whether more invites have been sent out. The other story I’m hearing is that Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe is working hard with the current institutions to keep the conference together. Oklahoma athletic director Joe Castiglione said on Wednesday that Oklahoma would look to keep the Big 12 intact. Officials at Texas and Texas A&M said that those schools could still stay in the Big 12, after having discussions with Tech and Baylor. I believe the term floating around in different stories is that the officials were quoted as saying, talks are “fluid.” The four Texas schools are waiting to see what Nebraska does.

Today at noon, Nebraska’s Board of Regents meet again. The word is that sometime today, an official announcement will come down from the University’s brass that NU is moving to the Big Ten.

In the end, it appears once Nebraska announces their move, the Pac 10 will act on the remaining five Big 12 schools it is seeking out leaving Missouri, Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State and Baylor in limbo.