The US Senate is expected to vote Thursday on a proposal that aims to keep the EPA from instituting regulations for greenhouse gas emissions.

Senator Bond says he’ll be voting for the Murkowski proposal, named after the Alaskan Senator sponsoring it. He thinks it will be a close vote on the ‘disapproval resolution.’

“If we get a good strong vote for the resolution, it may convince the EPA and perhaps even the Obama Administration not to go this route. But even if we pass it, and the House were to pass it, President Obama could still veto it,” Bond said.

Which the President is expected to do if it comes to that. The White House has said this would undermine its efforts to reduce environmental impacts in the U-S, even mentioning the oil spill.

“I can’t understand that. This has nothing to do with the oil spill. If this regulation goes through, it will not cap the oil spill. It will not clean up the environmental damage. It will not do anything to provide financial assistance to the people whose jobs have been lost, nor will it compensate the families of those 11 workers who tragically lost their lives. This is the biggest bait and switch I’ve seen,” Bond said.

Bond says what the EPA’s regulations will do is threaten industry in the US, by imposing taxes through carbon limits. He call the changes “all pain and no gain”

“We can’t afford to do something else that will kill jobs,” Bond said. “EPA scientists themselves admit that US climate proposals would have no measurable impact on world temperatures without similar actions by China and India. I’ve talked with officials in those countries and we know they won’t have similar restrictions,” Bond said.

Bond says businesses that would be hurt by the regulations would move to those countries that would not have those restrictions. Bond says the EPA is trying to “circumvent Congress” when instituting these changes, and that’s why this “disapproval resolution” is necessary.

AUDIO: Ryan Famuliner reports [:63 MP3]