Attorney General Chris Koster expects to hear from Google within two or three weeks about the kinds of information it has gathered from unknowing Missourians and what it has done with it.

Go to the Google Maps search engine and type in your street address. For thousands of people, they can zero in on the map that comes up and in a second, there’s a photograph of their house. And the street or road it’s on. And your neighbors homes on both sides of the street.

He says Google has not explained what data is has and how much it has. He says the company has quickly responded, but statements have been vague. Koster says right of privacy issues are involved–private data, sites people have looked at on the internet…even passwords. He and the other Attorneys General want to know who Google has shared this information with and what steps are being taken to make sure it is not improperly used.

Bob Priddy interviews Chris Koster