The case can certainly be made that the lack of offense when Zack Greinke pitches has an effect on his 1-7 record, but even the Cy Young winner admits, he’s going through a rough patch now.

In Thursday’s 5-4 loss, Greinke made it six innings allowing four runs on 10 hits and four walks. Greinke did strikeout six, but he admits the strike zone looks smaller right now. He may be forcing things on himself by trying to do too much.

Just to compare from a year ago. Greinke picked up his 7th loss of the season on July 24th when he allowed just one run in seven innings in a loss to Texas, so it was clear that Greinke didn’t get much offensive support last year either. Greinke finished 2009 with just 8 total losses.

This year, he’s walked 17 batters, he issued his 18th walk on June 17th of 2009. The big difference is the strikeouts are down…way down. This year he has 60 and has given up nine homers. In 2009, Greinke had 88 by this time last year and allowed just 11 homers last year and three of those came in a game in mid-August against the White Sox.

As every good pitcher will do, Greinke will battle through this. I’m not predicting a .500 record, but the wins will start to even out as the season wears on…Greinke is too good of a pitcher to be in a season long funk.