So after giving this some careful thought, I’m not yet ready to concede that baseball is ready or needs instant replay and I know the initial reaction is going to be “how much more evidence do you need?” Of course I’m referring to the perfect game that didn’t happen this week in Detroit.

As I think about it…the use of instant replay, I go back to my very first argument and the one I have stuck with the whole time, and this call perfectly illustrates my point…that call ultimately did not affect the score of the game, the final outcome…and that has long been my stand against replay for umpires, plus to tie into that, I have not heard a plan yet that is rock solid for baseball. So while bad or missed calls happen, they are not happening with a frequency that has affected wins and losses at enough of a rate to raise enough concern. Just to add technology because it is there, does not mean it’s the best plan.

This is my topic for my pressbox podcast today.

Listen and see if you agree. Feel free to comment by writing to me at [email protected]

Pressbox Podcast on instant replay in baseball (8:24 mp3)