The I-R-S says no one will get mad at you; but if you haven’t taken care of last year’s taxes yet, you should come to one of it’s ‘open houses’ around the state this Saturday.

The open houses offer help to people who got an extension on their taxes and just haven’t been able to get the answers they need over the phone or on the internet. But IRS spokesman Michael Devine says even those who aren’t on ‘good terms’ should take advantage of the opportunity.

“Even if you didn’t file your tax return because you owe money and you don’t have it… The ebst option is to still file that tax return as soon as possible and keep those penalties and interest as low as you can, because it’s not going to get better by waiting.

The open house is from 9:00am to 2:00pm at 200 of the IRS sites nationwide. Six of those are in Missouri; at offices in Cape Girardeau, Earth City, Kansas City, Springfield, St. Joseph, and St. Louis.

“We open on Saturdays because we know a lot of people work during the week, and they just can’t get in… without taking time off work,” Devine said.

Devine says it’s very likely that after meeting with an IRS representative, you’ll get your questions answered the same day.

“But if that can’t be done, if it’s a very involved problem, you’d be given an appointment to come back on another day during the week,”

He also says it’s a good opportunity for people who already filed and have recieved notices in the mail from the IRS about things like owing more money, or an issue with an agreement with the IRS.

“If you got a notice from the IRS recently and you haven’t called in, or you really would feel safer talking to somebody… You can bring that notice in, sit down with an IRS employee, and figure out exactly what it means and what your options are,” Devine said.

Of course, it’s best to come prepared.

“You want to bring all of the paperwork you have, if you filed your tax return you want to bring that, and any of the paperwork you think you might need bring it along its always better to have it than not have it,” Devine said.

Devine says 7,000 Americans got help the last time the IRS had an open house. For more information, visit the IRS website.

AUDIO: Ryan Famuliner reports [:62 MP3]