A study of Missouri business conditions finds an 11th straight month of improvement. Slight improvement but the arrow is trending up. Supply managers surveyed every month by Creighton University Professor Ernie Goss gauge the supply and demand chain. Goss says they’re reporting demand for durable goods is up and employment is improving. The managers say new orders, production or sales, delivery lead time and inventories all are up. Goss says the recovery of the auto industry is fueling some of the optimism, especially among the dozens of parts manufacturers.

Goss says Missouri is slowly recovering the 127-thousand jobs lost during the recession. But he thinks it will take until September of 2013 to get them all back. He sees one job sector continuing to decline—state and local government which continue to suffer from slumping tax revenues.

Bob Priddy interviews Dr. Ernie Goss 9:26 mp3