The head of Missouri’s higher education department says the legislature’s failure to move toward merger of higher eduction with elementary and secondary education should not get in the way of education reform. Doctor Robert Stein, in the last month of his career as Commissioner of Higher Education,says the legislature’s failure to send a constitutional amendment to the people is no reason educators from pre-school through post-graduate education cannot work to create a system that better serves teachers, students, employers.

“It’s really important that we understand…that there is an urgency in this state and we need to embrace that urgency…without denial and without blame…Regardless of why things are the way they are, what can we do constructively to make a difference? We need to work together better,” he says. Stein says Missouri’s challenge is how to take a vision and implement it on an everyday basis to change the experiences in the lives of students, teachers, and employers who need to be plugged into the system to tell educators what works and what doesn’t work in making difference in the real world.

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